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Hey, folks and folkesses. It’s time to update and tell you where we are now. In fact, there is a page on this blog on which you can see all the places I will and have been going. That page is here, or you can just look up the page and click ‘trip details’, but a link […]

Happy Birthday!


As I mentioned a few days ago, it was my brother’s birthday. I bet that none of you really care what he got, but here goes anyway: – A handbook about NZ birds – Two pieces of paper in a bag Err…that’s pretty much it. On the pieces of paper, one had a Wiimote (that’s […]

Pic Attack!


Hey, blogaholics! It’s your favourite blogger here, with a hot new update – we have pictures! After so many (about three) of you complained that we had no pictures, here we go: This is me putting the final touches to a piece of beach art we just happened to make.   This is us and […]



Yesterday, I mentioned a stone building and Maori pa, but I didn’t actually write that much about it. That place is called Kerikeri, and was the site of the earliest christian mission in NZ. Here is a picture of the bit of Kerikeri we went to (the tourist bit): Thew building on the left is […]

Tall Ship


Yesterday, we went on a tall ship which was tall. It was called the R. Tucker Thompson, and was a great, magnificent ship, all billowing sails and whatnot. Here is a little picture: Rather spiffing, what? We went on a trip to a beach, where you could swim or walk. I cut myself on the […]

Bay of Islands


Happily, I have now escaped Auckland’s awful bus service by coming to the Bay of Islands, which is in the northern part of the North Island and is basically a bay with some islands in. We are staying in the second house of a colleage of my Dad’s, and it has five bedrooms! We have […]

Today, we very deliberately went to MOTAT, Auckland’s Museum Of Transport And Technology. Just kidding, our bus was cancelled, so we got another one, which took us there. We later realised that a man who said that his was the wrong bus for our destination was driving the right bus after all. Seriously, the public transport here […]