Coromandel Peninsularrrgh..


Hey, folks and folkesses.

It’s time to update and tell you where we are now. In fact, there is a page on this blog on which you can see all the places I will and have been going. That page is here, or you can just look up the page and click ‘trip details’, but a link is better. I am only putting this in because nobody seems to be visiting (or at least, commenting).

We are in the Coromandel Peninsula, the first time while on this holiday we have been south of Auckland. Let’s see a picture:


It was a two and a half hour drive, which is longer than you would have thought.

Anyway, how is it here? The weather isn’t so great, it has been cloudy these past days. And the house we are staying in looks a bit odd.

There are lots of beaches, and there is one hot water beach, which means that up to one hour each side of low tide, you can dig a big hole in the sand and sit in a hotpool, free of charge! We do have some pictures, but for the sake of human decency we have left them out. I do, however, have a picture I took of the waves crashing down on a rock just offshore. In fact, I cannot decide between three, so I’ll choose a random one:


Good, isn’t it?

You see the background cloudiness? It’s like that all the time, (a bit lighter sometimes), so the weather isn’t anything special.

We have also found that the people’s house we’re staying in have a really good taste in DVDs and we have been watching Blackadder etc. We are going to go on a walk and find some gold, and then maybe get a First Class flight home (yay). This place is a big gold hunting country, so, you never know, eh? Well, I do know, that sort of thing only happens in inpenetrable books and low budget films (look, a rock painted gold!). Anyway, the Milford Track is just 8 days away, and we need to keep walking in case we get stiff, shrivel up and die. Also, as well as that game of hangman only one other person (no names mentioned) is playing, I am going to post this Mindtrap question (not the exact words).

Tony is playing with his floating toy boat in the bath. It is full of nuts, screw, and bolts. He accidentally knocks it over, and all the nuts, screws and bolts fall out into the bath. Does the level of the water in the bath rise, fall, or stay the same?

 My Dad, who has a degree in physics, got this question wrong. What do you think?

My next blog update may be a while, so it’s goodbye from me, and it’s goodbye from me.



33 Responses to “Coromandel Peninsularrrgh..”

  1. 1 jo

    we are following but just too lazy to write comments. Ad is too busy following Dave Perry on twitter, Sam is too busy emailing Jacob to try and get him to let him have access to his blog, Tara is too busy doing her hair and planning her next shopping trip and I am too busy trying to book a hire car in venice while we chase Tara’s choir around as they are now singing in venice after we have left and come home. Abi is too busy…er…doing whatever it is Abi does, mainly playing build a bear and being mad with us all ! Anyway coromundal looks fab, we loved it there but perhaps had better weather. I just seem to remember endless long hot and sunny days on the beach. Hot water beach was hillarious with the crowds arriving just at the moment of low tide. We stayed at hei hei beach at one point in a campervan and almost got blown over in the wind.

    Have a great trip to milford and have you left your wii to Abi in your will !


    • 2 psycholera

      There’s never an excuse for laziness, but…
      Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned that Jacob’s blog is locked down, he got some spammers poo poo fart green hair made of cheese. Oh no! They’ve got me, too! (Just kidding, I actually have a good password).
      I haven’t made my will yet, and you are not the first people to want my Wii enough to threaten killing me for it (seriously!). Anyway, don’t you already have a Wii?

  2. 3 Ad

    The water goes down.

    My reasoning iron is more dense than water therefore displaces less water when not in the boat than the amount of water needed to be displaced by the boat to keep the bolts etc. afloat!

    We have some gold that we panned for in NZ. We got it in a secret location south of Greymouth (only secret as long as you don’t ask the tourist information or look at the tourist signs at the side of the road!)

    Your photo reminds me a little of one we have on Moaraki (spelling may be very wrong) beach – Check it out on your way passed.


    • 4 psycholera

      Wow! You got it right!

      Eat your heart out “professor” (my dad).

      The picture was very hard to take, because it’s off my dad’s phone, which has a stupid delay. We nagged him again about getting an SLR but he’s a cheapskate and saw one cheaper in Bath and so we have to make do with his phone.

  3. 5 matt

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  4. 6 Tom

    So, a Mindtrap question.
    And I must say, my mind is trapped.
    I think it will either rise or stay the same.
    I asked my mum, who has a diploma in travel and tourism, and she says it would stay the same. I would ask my annoyingly clever brothers but that feels like cheating.
    So I’ll say it stays the same.

    Fingers crossed.

    • 7 psycholera

      Sorry, you got it wrong.
      In fact, you weren’t even close – the water goes down.
      This is because when the bolts are on top of the water, they displace the amount of water which they weigh, which is more than their actual size, but when in the water they displace their size (less). So the water goes down.

      I have actually just replied to a comment from somebody who did actually understand this (a London friend), but you should have asked your brothers and told me you thought it yourself, like the sneaky person I know you are.

  5. 8 Tom

    Oh and how do I change the stupid green squares and white squares that are supposedly my avatar picture thing. If I could change it I would have some awesome picture but i seemingly can’t.
    I saw your advice to someone else but i cant find that Users bit.
    Help wanted.
    I have nightmares of green and white squares…

    • 9 psycholera

      Do you actually have a WordPress account?
      If so, read on. If not, get one then read on.

      On your home page (the one which comes up when you type “” into your address bar and are logged on to your user account), there should be a drop down list in the most top left-hand corner called “My Account”. Go down to “Edit Profile”. On the right of this next page is something called a “Gravatar”. Press “Change your Gravatar” underneath the dreaded squares. It’s easy from here. Click the option “Upload a new image from your computer”. Click browse, find it, and there are a few more options until you have finally rid yourself of those silly squares. Also, do you like my avatar, the Yoshi Grenade one? I made it myself on paint using pictures of yoshi throwing an egg and a grenade. Good, innit?

  6. 10 bunniehouse

    I am not sure liking Black Adder qualifies as good taste but I guess you are half Churchyard and half Davies so I can’t expect anything else. It sounds like you are all having a good time, especially now you don’t have to go by bus!
    If you do find any gold you could give me your old nintendo wii and buy yourself another one. Your Mum may not win the bowling on a different one! I think she must do some sneaky practice while you are blogging.
    I am off to read little bros. blog now that I can get into it.
    See ya.
    PS Does your Dad really have a degree in physics or just say that he has?

    • 11 psycholera

      I am pretty sure he does have a degree in physics, but it turns out not a very comprehensive one.
      My mum has retired from bowling, in fact, she only ever played one game.
      I am glad that somebody is reading my brother’s blog, it’s in lockdown at the moment, he got some spammers, but he can, and evidently did, let you in if he knows your username.

      And also, what have you got against Black Adder?

  7. 12 Tom

    Okaay, this is wierd.
    Who’s comments are you replying to?
    They’re obviously not mine.
    And why can’t i see them?
    Ah, well. I got the question wrong…

    • 13 psycholera

      First of all, why are you spelling weird i before e?
      You may see answers without comments as I had not verified them yet and they might not have been for you…
      Also, why have you not yet changed your avatar? It may just be the time delay on comments or on your avatar changing, but it’s still those dreaded green squares.
      And yes, you did get it wrong.

  8. 14 Grandad

    the water goes down. Actually I decided this before I read all the other learned comments. And that’s with a degree in English!

  9. 16 Tom

    I don’t have a wordpress account.
    Tried to make one but had silly name.
    Decided the green squares aren’t that evil after all.
    I changed my mind bout em.
    Is that so WIERD/WEIRD.
    Soz bout the spellling stuff, i’m just not consentating.

  10. 18 mastert123

    I think I’ve changed the Gravatar.
    Fingers crossed.

  11. 20 mastert123

    Hey, why can’t I still be Tom?
    mastert123 sounds silly.
    Aw well…

    • 21 psycholera

      But your name now rhymes!
      Isn’t that awesome!

      No, it isn’t

  12. 22 mastert123

    That’s funny, the rhyming thing.
    Cos it don’t look like it rhymes.
    To the untrained eye it’s just ‘mastert’, which sounds a bit rude to me.
    Heh, how can a made up word sound rude?

    And I just noticed something.
    You do lots of short comments.
    Whereas I do long ones with lots of gaps and pressing ‘Enter’.

    I think I’ll try your way…

  13. 24 mastert123

    This is weird.

  14. 26 mastert123

    But this way, we get to see my Captain America picture more!

    • 27 psycholera

      Yeah…I wondered about that…
      Is it by that guy…you know…thingy…once I came to your house in the evening and you showed me him on your brother’s laptop…you told me who it was but I’ve forgotten…

  15. 28 mastert123

    Okay I’ll stop.

  16. 29 mastert123

    Yes, it is.
    His name’s Chris Giarruso.
    He’s awesome.
    See more at
    I couldn’t be bothered with hyperlinks.

  17. 31 Tom

    I was wondering…
    Why have you started moving the comments around to inappropriate points with sticky-outy boxes and a different colour?
    I guess it may have seemed a good idea at the time but why?
    I also don’t like it cos the other way’s more natural.
    In the order it was written.
    Aw, well.

    • 32 psycholera

      I haven’t done anything to it, I swear, it was this stupid omnipotent wordpress system…

      It’s just given me a huge error box. Looks like this:

      Error Message A { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #005a80; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma } A:hover { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #0d3372; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma } TD { FONT-SIZE: 8pt; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma } TD.titleBorder { BORDER-RIGHT: #955319 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #955319 1px solid; PADDING-LEFT: 8px; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle; BORDER-LEFT: #955319 0px solid; COLOR: #955319; BORDER-BOTTOM: #955319 1px solid; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma; HEIGHT: 35px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d2b87a; TEXT-ALIGN: left } TD.titleBorder_x { BORDER-RIGHT: #955319 0px solid; BORDER-TOP: #955319 1px solid; PADDING-LEFT: 8px; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle; BORDER-LEFT: #955319 1px solid; COLOR: #978c79; BORDER-BOTTOM: #955319 1px solid; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma; HEIGHT: 35px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d2b87a; TEXT-ALIGN: left } .TitleDescription { FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; COLOR: black; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma } SPAN.explain { FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #934225 } SPAN.TryThings { FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #934225 } .TryList { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 8pt; COLOR: black; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma } .X { BORDER-RIGHT: #955319 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #955319 1px solid; FONT-WEIGHT: normal; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; BORDER-LEFT: #955319 1px solid; COLOR: #7b3807; BORDER-BOTTOM: #955319 1px solid; FONT-FAMILY: verdana; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d1c2b4 } .adminList { MARGIN-TOP: 2px } X Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed Explanation: There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed. Try the following: Refresh page: Search for the page again by clicking the Refresh button. The timeout may have occurred due to Internet congestion. Check spelling: Check that you typed the Web page address correctly. The address may have been mistyped. Access from a link: If there is a link to the page you are looking for, try accessing the page from that link. If you are still not able to view the requested page, try contacting your administrator or Helpdesk. Technical Information (for support personnel) Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). (12202) IP Address: Date: 27/04/2009 12:38:38 a.m.

      I think it’s just the messed-up Auckland Library system, though.

  18. 33 Tom

    Okay, it’s not your fault.

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