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As the title suggests, we are now staying in a campervan. Looks a bit like this: Although I think ours has a roof. At the moment we are in Orewa, in the library. We haven’t done a lot yet, but we might go south to Rotorua today. I have finished reading the book Great Expectations, and […]



Hello. I’ve got some pictures. Lots of pictures. All were taken on my dad’s phone. What are you waiting for? These are from the Milford Track:   This is the first of several panoramas my dad took with a special ‘panorama’ feature on his phone: Unfortunately, this feature was not foolproof: Oops. This next one […]

New Plymouth


Since I last updated, we have spent some time in Wellington, where we went to see the Treaty of Waitangi in the archives center, and also went to Te Papa, which is a sort of national museum/art gallery/sort of place, and explored the Monet and the children’s section. Here’s a picture: Bit odd, isn’t it? […]



First and foremost, sorry for the wait of nearly a week, we are going from youth hostel to youth hostel, moving north (I’ll explain later). There isn’t always time and internet wherever we go. Since I last updated, whale watching in Kaikoura was cancelled due to bad weather, my dad was in a car crash […]

Milford Track


Hi The day after yesterday’s predecessor was tomorrow to the day in which I finished the Milford Track. (work that one out!) For anyone of you readers who does not know what the Milford Track is, I will tell you. It is a four day walk which goes a total of thirty-three and a half miles. This doesn’t […]

We came to Queenstown, and I was surprised to find how small it was. I remembered it bigger… We flew by aeroplane, my dad was very pleased as we had a seat at the front of a section of seats, so had a lot of legroom.  Anyway, it’s great in Queenstown, known as the world’s […]

Sorry about the misleading title, we didn’t actually see the Finn brothers. We saw a Finn brother. We saw Neil Finn and his son Liam play live at the Auckland Museum (who said museums were boring?). For those of you who do not know who this singer songwriter is, here is his Wikipedia page. It was […]