New Super Finn Bros.


Sorry about the misleading title, we didn’t actually see the Finn brothers. We saw a Finn brother. We saw Neil Finn and his son Liam play live at the Auckland Museum (who said museums were boring?). For those of you who do not know who this singer songwriter is, here is his Wikipedia page. It was a great title though. Here’s what was going on in my head when I wrote it:


I know we didn’t actually see Tim, and I’m glad, look at how scary he looks in this picture. Who likes Lakitu the guitarist?

I really like doing image editing like this. It’s a rather crude example, but it suits the purpose. If anyone has any other image editing they want me to do, I will do it!

But back to the Finn father and son. We saw them in a really small venue, just a few hundred people. I sat right at the front, and Jacob got in the way of everybody. They played some really great songs. In fact, I think I have a picture here somewhere:


It’s a bit squished, but you get the idea of how close we were. The dude at the piano ins Neil Finn. The guitarist is Liam.

Anyway, I now have a social engagement, so au revoir for now!


4 Responses to “New Super Finn Bros.”

  1. 1 Lucie

    Hi there Phillip. Am in Canada at the resort of Whisler which is 19 hrs behind you. We are staying at a lovely condo which overlooks the slopes as you can see with the link below.

    Jag lag has been particularly bad for me, and I have been waking up at 3.00 am for the last 5 days. Thus after a days skiing, have not felt like doing much except nurse my aching muscles in the hot tub outside. We have had lots of snow since being here, so we are learning to ski in deep powder in the mountain bowls and also through the trees which is a times a little hairy. Dominic (K) thinks I am too conservative a skier, but I am in self preservation mode about not breaking any bones.

    Glad you are having a fun time, social life seems good and varied. How is the homework going? Jonathan is having to work most days while here as he has some entrance exams for the senior school he wants to get into. Well will sign off now and catch up with you again. Send my love to the rest of the gang.

    • 2 psycholera

      Yes, you are right, you don’t seem very with it.
      You spelt both my name and ‘Whistler’ wrong, and you claim to be suffering from “jag lag”. In the second sentence, second paragraph, you missed out an apostrophe in “day’s”.
      But it’s good to hear from you, I didn’t know where you were, you haven’t been commenting. And you got the Time Zones right, we are 19hrs ahead. It looks like a really nice place, am very jealous as it’s not skiing season in NZ, although there is snow in the weather forecast for Thursday, I think.
      Hope you are very well, and don’t wake up in about 4hrs!

  2. 3 Lucie

    Sorry Philip to have spelt your name wrong and yes there were many mistakes in what I wrote. Comes from being so tired at the end of a day in the mountain at fairly high altitude. It has been enormous fun and today I was definitely more adventurous, even if I did wrap myself around a tree in the process of skiing through the woods. Sadly tomorrow is the last day in Whistler before returning to the UK. I shall however have at least a week at home before having to go back to work, so I will hopefully feel pretty energised before tackling some serious fund raising for my research.

    • 4 psycholera

      It’s ok, I forgive you.
      Sorry you’re headed home so soon 😦
      Glad you get some time off skiving recuperating.
      Hope you have a good last day!

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