Queenstown – not Queen-sized!


We came to Queenstown, and I was surprised to find how small it was. I remembered it bigger…

We flew by aeroplane, my dad was very pleased as we had a seat at the front of a section of seats, so had a lot of legroom.

 Anyway, it’s great in Queenstown, known as the world’s adrenaline capital. You can do a whole range of stuff. Pick from:

4wd Adventure
Aerobatic Flight
Canyon Swings (very scary)
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Flight Chartering
Flying Fox (also very scary)
Hang Gliding
Horse Riding
Hot Air Ballooning
Ice Skating
Jet Boating
Monster Trucking
Mountain Biking
Quad Biking
River Surfing
Sky Diving
Snow Boarding
Snow Skiing
Steam Training

(I might have missed a few.)

This gives you a real idea of what Queenstown is all about. Out of those 45 we have done a measly two (Walking and Jet Boating). In fact, in my whole life I have only done sixteen of them. It really is a place to come if you find James Bond a bit boring. Because New Zealand is so new, I think it has tried to make up for that by inventing a huge number of its own extreme and hybrid sports. Most of these involve big drops.

Anyway, Jet Boating was great, and walking was dismal. We walked for a long time, in a cloud. I wrote a short poem:

I wandered lonely in a cloud
That floats quite slowly, drenching me
When all at once, I saw some folks
It was a German family
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Pronouncing doubleyous as vees

Please comment to say whether you like it!

I did it wearing my superspecialawesome waterproof coat and some waterproof trousers, and my cool new boots which are also really waterproof. We have, in fact, been spending quite a bit in Kathmandu, where we get a discount, being Youth Hostel members. I am using the internet in the Youth Hostel at the moment, actually.

Any more to say? Well, Jacob finally has iPod speakers, but that’s about it…

The countdown is on until the Milford Track…


6 Responses to “Queenstown – not Queen-sized!”

  1. 1 Grandad

    I wandered slowly as a cloud
    formed on my tiny screen.
    I cursed in silence (not out loud –
    there’s far too many in the crowd
    in Chippenham’s library scene).
    At last I got to Philip’s stuff,
    obscured by cyber fog.
    Queenstown’s small – but big enough
    to thrill the blood
    by water, rope or bungy.
    Hang on! What’s this?
    It’s really good!
    It’s Wordsworth’s latest blog.

    • 2 psycholera

      That has given me a great idea!
      A Wordsworth blog!
      More to follow…

  2. 3 Tom

    I wandered what really is this cloud?
    Why can’t it talk to me?
    When all at once, it said some jokes
    They were really quite funny.
    But the truth then hit me as a glimmer
    washed over the little cloud.
    It was only fog on the mirror,
    And me talking to myself out loud.

    • 4 psycholera

      I also saw a little cloud, upon a little hill
      It had a bloody chainsaw and was killing Jack and Jill
      And when those thirsty siblings lay in a gory heap
      It turned around, and so I ran
      It was a psycho sheep!

  3. 5 jo

    argghh! I knew there was a reason I didn’t study English for very long !!!

    An ode to Queenstown
    Your rushing waters raise my pulse amid the hues of pine lined roads
    alas the rain it whistles down upon the sleeping campers as
    they in the pop up recline
    The spray riseth up the sides of the craft as it zips along the narrow gorges
    the screams of the young child dimming as gentle and much desired sleep visits
    The paddle steamer lolls amid the splashing cannoeists as they frolick in the fading summer sun, picnicers eat their braburns recalling the torrents of waters
    which did down the high street run
    Whilst in the distance like a recurring nightmare the words howzat ring endlessly on

    We are not the least bit envious of course !

    We did get to go skiiing after all , a hours lesson at Miton Keynes snow dome !

    • 6 psycholera

      Awesome! I have now had three poems sent! Keep them coming!

      Never heard of Miton Keynes. Might you have meant Milton Keynes?

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