New Plymouth


Since I last updated, we have spent some time in Wellington, where we went to see the Treaty of Waitangi in the archives center, and also went to Te Papa, which is a sort of national museum/art gallery/sort of place, and explored the Monet and the children’s section. Here’s a picture:


Bit odd, isn’t it? But by far the most interesting thing we did was go to a conservation place just outside Wellington for a night tour. And here, for the first time ever, I saw a wild kiwi! The ones they had there were the little spotted kiwi (I think…), like this fellow here:


There was a lot of walking through dark bush on steep paths, and listening for their unique call, but after one near miss we finally saw one, walking across the path, like a little football on legs! It was amazing, and we lit it up with little red hand torches we were given. We also saw other things too, like the kaka, and we heard a saddleback, so it was awesome!


4 Responses to “New Plymouth”

  1. 1 peter737

    While in New Plymouth, be sure to visit St Andrew’s Church, where your Dad was christened some years ago. Actually, the church has lost the record, but he really was christened there (circa December ’62). Honest! Also slightly off the tourist route is New Plymouth Boys’ High School. Site of Grandad’s first teaching job. Site of your Dad’s first home (Carrington House), where he fell downstairs from top to bottom, and has never been the same since. No blue plaque to commemorate, I’m afraid. But there could be bloodstains. (Look at the bottom of the stairs, on the left, near the rat-hole.)
    Love, Gradad

  2. 2 Tom

    Now that I like.
    If I went to the Kiwi Kountry and didn’t see a Kiwi, I’d be gutted.
    Even though, ‘kaka’ and ‘saddleback’ flew straight over my head.
    Well not literally, they are birds, right?
    And those little red torches…
    Were you kitted out with Laser Pens?
    I mean cool, but sooo impractical.
    And while I’m at it, everyone’s wondering…
    Are you doing ANY school work?
    Bet you 10p you’re not.

    • 3 psycholera

      It’s a funny thing, but the Kaka flew right over my head too. We didn’t actually see the Saddleback though. Just heard it.

      Sorry about the shortness and lack of explanation in my last post. You are only allowed one hour and I was racing against the clock. I made it with about 9 seconds to go…

      THEY WEREN’T LASER PENS! They were just red torches, ok? The reason for this is that a normal torch will disturb the wildlife, but a red one is seemingly ok.

      Who is ‘everyone’?

      Ok, I’m not doing a huge amount, and in the last few weeks we were travelling so I didn’t do any at all.

      But actually, I’ve just done a page on New Zealand’s contribution to World War II. Tell that to ‘everyone’!

      By the way, can you reply and list the things you are doing in school at the moment? it’s just the school really hasn’t given me much at all to do, so we have to kind of make it up…

      Anyway, I have no idea what ’10p’ is. Is it some sort of inferior currency?

  3. 4 Tom

    Okaaay. School.
    Science- We’ve done our Biology GCSE, but you can take it at Christmas or next year. I got an ‘A’ on one paper and ‘A*’ on the other. Lots of people got that. We’re now doing lots of Physics. The GCSE is on June 22 so be sure to learn all you can cos you’ve missed a lot.
    English- We’ve finished with Julius Caesar and are onto reading a book called ‘The London Eye Mystery’ it’s quite good, actually.
    Maths- SATs preparation mainly but lots of Trigonometry, Sin, Cos, Tan stuff we’ve done and mental maths too.
    Art- Just started on Chuck Close, some photorealist guy. We’ve finished comic art which was very ok.
    Tech- I’ve been doing Food Tech but you wouldn’t care.
    Music- Just done Reggae, awesome! And now on to Rap. Seriously.
    History- Our topic is WW2 films! So easy! Past and present films galore!
    German- Future tense.
    French- Random stuff. Now clothes.

    Ummm… Can’t think of anymore so that’s it.

    ‘Everyone’ is referring to everyone at school.
    ‘He’s in New Zealand for how long?!?’

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