I’ve got some pictures.

Lots of pictures.

All were taken on my dad’s phone.

What are you waiting for?

These are from the Milford Track:





This is the first of several panoramas my dad took with a special ‘panorama’ feature on his phone:


Unfortunately, this feature was not foolproof:



This next one is bigger so you can see the rainbow better:






This is, I am afraid, the best wildlife photo dad is ever going to take on his phone: 


This looks great, doesn’t it? What you don’t see is that dad was crouching down about a metre away from this little fella.


7 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. 1 Tom

    Wow. I’m not one for photos but I like these.
    It looks so picturesque there.
    Lol at the panorama feature!
    Lovely reflection too.
    You had quite the weather it seems.

    • 2 psycholera

      Not on the third day, but we’ve got no pictures because dad’s phone broke.

  2. 3 Tom

    Oh no! My picture and name have gone back!
    I’ll try and change this but it desn’t really matter.

    • 4 psycholera

      No! Don’t you want to be mastert any more?

      You sicken me!

  3. 5 jo

    Hi Lovey shots,

    I trust the cross wasn’t synonomous with someone from your group who who didn’t quite make it !

    What youth hostels did you stay in and how did you rate them ?


  4. 6 Terry

    Hi Philip

    Now I do approve of visits to archives! Forget whales, dolphins and penguins, mountains and wildreness. Old smelly documents, doesn’t get any better than that, now that is real holiday!

    Uncle Terry

    • 7 psycholera

      Glad to see you’re still your same old self.

      I don’t understand your comment ‘that is real holiday’. So you have a holiday all the time at work?

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