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Just a note to say that we will be coming home early from New Zealand by a few days, it’s not a huge change, but it means that this will be my last update while in New Zealand. When I get home there will be a few more, just rounding it up, posting some unseen […]

Hey. My last post was about a visit to an island. So is this one. But that one was a barren, moonlike surface devoid of all life. This island,on the other hand, is covered with a layer of thick trees, and on it dwells a large variety of flora and fauna seldom seen outside New […]

White Island


The majorest thing we’ve done sincelast update was go to White Island. Dunno what it is? The website is But if you can’t be bothered, I’ll tell you that it’s New Zealand’s only active marine volcano, and one of only a few classed as “1” in NZ. If you don’t know what this  means, go […]



As the title suggests, we are now staying in a campervan. Looks a bit like this: Although I think ours has a roof. At the moment we are in Orewa, in the library. We haven’t done a lot yet, but we might go south to Rotorua today. I have finished reading the book Great Expectations, and […]



Hello. I’ve got some pictures. Lots of pictures. All were taken on my dad’s phone. What are you waiting for? These are from the Milford Track:   This is the first of several panoramas my dad took with a special ‘panorama’ feature on his phone: Unfortunately, this feature was not foolproof: Oops. This next one […]

New Plymouth


Since I last updated, we have spent some time in Wellington, where we went to see the Treaty of Waitangi in the archives center, and also went to Te Papa, which is a sort of national museum/art gallery/sort of place, and explored the Monet and the children’s section. Here’s a picture: Bit odd, isn’t it? […]



First and foremost, sorry for the wait of nearly a week, we are going from youth hostel to youth hostel, moving north (I’ll explain later). There isn’t always time and internet wherever we go. Since I last updated, whale watching in Kaikoura was cancelled due to bad weather, my dad was in a car crash […]