Trip Details

We are going to New Zealand.

This blogging thing is so easy!

Here is a map of the world:


On it is marked our flight:

1 March: Start in Heathrow, London at  11:30am.
2 March: Arrive in Hong Kong International Airport at 7:05am. Flight time = 11hrs 35mins (taking time zones into account)

Stay 2 nights in Hong Kong.

4 March: Set off from Hong Kong International Airport at 9:05pm.
5 March: Arrive in Jean Batten Airport, Auckland at 1:05pm. Flight time = 11hrs.

A total flight time of 22hrs 35mins. Nearly a whole day spent ona an aeroplane.

I’ve done this trip before (well, via Singapore) and it is really rather gruelling.

We are flying with Cathay Pacific.

In NZ, we will be going to (in order):

Te Anau
Hanmer Springs
New Plymouth
(then back to Auckland)


3 Responses to “Trip Details”

  1. 1 Lucie Clapp

    Well master sleepy-horse, you have at least got your trip details done since last weekend. How many thousand miles do you reckon you will travel while away?

    • 2 psycholera

      According to, the trip is 11674 miles there (via Hong Kong), so 22,348 miles total.
      But we are also making loads of intranational journeys as well, which I cannot look all up, so I could not say.
      It probably goes into the hundreds of thousands though, as it is a long trip…

      PS. Your avatar looks really silly. Do us all a favour and look down the left hand side of the page.
      Near the bottom, there is a drop down menu ‘Users’. Under this press ‘Your Profile’.
      Press it, and you come to a page about your profile. On the right there is ‘My Gravatar’ Press ‘Change your Gravatar’ underneath.
      Follow the instructons and, for goodness sake, change your avatar from this stupid flowery pattern.

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